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. >> bob, it was 1975. i was sitting by an agent of the f.b.i. that i had come to know over time. we were talking about the warren commission and whether there had been any new information that was discovered. he told me that oswald had come to the dallas office of the f.b.i., had left a threatening note several days before the assassination, and that that note had been flushed-- that is to say, had been destroyed. >> schieffer: how did that come about? how did you-- what did you find out about how the note came to be destroyed? and do you know what was on the note? >> i did not know precisely what was on the note. the work that diwith a great deal of cooperation, incidentally, from then-f.b.i. director clarence kelly showed the note had been been a threatening note, threatening to ploa up the dallas office of the f.b.i., the building, if the agents did not cease trying toirnt view oswald's wife, marina. >> schieffer: we know, of course, they had been in contact with both marina and lee harvey oswald because he had defected to the soviet union, and she was, of course, a russian national.
the fbi met today to discuss possible charges in the case. the alameda county sheriff's office says there is a lot of evidence to go through and it will be a lengthy investigation. >>> in the meantime, the search goes on for one of the residents who hasn't been seen since last friday. 65-year-old edmond bascom remains unaccounted for. he was last seen at the san leandro bart station and has been known to wander off. >>> there are some new rules for transit workers following the disof two men on bart tracks earlier this month. the california public utilities commission is now going to require transit agencies create a three-way communication procedure. so that's going to involve workers on the tracks, the train operators and central controllers. bart's old policy was supposed to look out with the work crews without necessarily notifying train operators that work was under way. >>> bay area headlines, beginning tomorrow red light cameras will catch drivers making illegal turns at san francisco's busy market and octavia intersection. that has been the scene of many accidents involving
of >>> stunning new detail about an fbi sting investigating state senator calderon. the feds say they caught him by planting an agent inside a local movie studio, check it out. >> reporter: back in june, fbi agents raided the state offices of senator ron alter an. now according to one report, he was being investigated for bribery, extortion, conspiracy and fraud. the documents outline how he was caught up in an fbi sting, in which investigators set up a phony movie studio and paid calder on and member offers his team more than $60,000 in bribes to draw up less that could have resulted in lucrative tax credits from the phony studio. calder own's studio, for example, according to the report, was given a job at the fake studio for which she was paid $30,000, according to the affidavit but never showed up for work. when josh bernstein confronted calder on about the allegations, this is how it went. >> reporter: the fbi says you have received ten offers thousands of dollars in bribes for supporting legislation. >> that's -- that's -- like i said, i'm not going to answer anything right now. >> repor
is rectifying all that information. >> can you explain why the fbi is the lead agency? >> this is an airport that has federal jurisdiction. we have assets here on board. it's a unified command involving everybody but the investigative lead has been decided to be taken by the fbi. >> is the shooter a federal employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> i don't know. >> does the fbi know? [ inaudible ] >> not that i'm aware of. >> there were earlier reports of multiple suspects as recently -- [ inaudible ] [ loud airplane-helicopter noise ] >> in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly and many people come in, there is always chaos in any type of event like this. and there's always the -- everybody is always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. there is only one know that we know right now as the active shooter in our terminal. i want to follow up a little on what the mayor said. >> a man just in camouflage went in with a rifle and took aim at a tsa right where they do the security checks. no confirmation on how many fatalities. we do hear one, uncon
. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> new details in the deadly shooting at l.a.x., how the fbi says it unfolded and the efforts today to get travelers back on track. >> here we go again, another wind advisory in effect. i will talk about the windiest locations with the pinpoint forecast. >>> a spike in crime on a bay area campus, what is being targeted and how police plan to keep students safe? >>> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. police say a man was hit and killed in richmond. there were reports that the man was running across lanes bub it's unclear why. we have a crew on way and we'll bring you more as we get it. >>> new information about the deadly shooting inside l.a.x., a murder charge has been filed against the suspect file ciancia. investigators say he was not a ticketed passenger and dropped off at airport before the shooting and we're learning details how tsa agents respond. cbs reporter with more information from the fbi. today federal prosecutors say they filed charges against l.a.x. shooting suspect paul ciancia. investigators say he was dropped off at the airport be
declined to comment >>> new details revealed tonight in an undercover fbi sting targeting one of the most powerful politicians in southern california. cbs reporter dave brian with the twists and turns of this bizarre case. >> reporter: back in june, fbi agents raided the state capital offices of state senator ron calderon. now al-jazeera tv reports according to an affidavit submitted by the fbi calderon was being investigated for bribery extortion, conspiracy and fraud. the documents outline how calderon was caught up in an fbi sting in which investigators set up a phony movie studio and paid calderon and members of his family more than $60,000 in bribes to draw up and promote legislation that could have resulted in lucrative tax credits for the phony studio. capital roan's daughter, for example, according to the -- calderon's daughter for example according to the documents produced was given a job at the studio paid $30,000 according to affidavit but never showed up for work. when a correspondent confronted calderon about the allegations, this is how it went. >> the fbi alleges that you
down. f.b.i. agents arrested the shooter at the hospital. his condition is still unclear. investigators say they found 100 more rounds of ammunition here at the scene. enough, they say, to kill everyone. in the area at the time. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> pelley: so, why did this happen? our senior correspondent john miller is with us. he's the former head of counterterrorism for the lapd. john, what have you learned about the suspect? >> reporter: he is paul anthony ciancia. as carter said he's from new jersey but a lot doesn't emerge. what you don't see is the criminal record. you don't see other violent acts. what you don't see is references to him in the fbi files. yet what you do see today, according to investigators, is he walks into the terminal. he's got the gun in a garment bag. he takes the rifle out, he opens fire, shoots his way through the check point going down a side, coming around the back. he's focused on the tsa agents. inside the bag we are told investigators came up with notes saying that the tsa were facists and pigs, anti-american rantings, anti-tsa ra
opened fire. the fbi wrapped up its forensic investigation and cleaning crews were brought in to sanitize the area. >> we want to make sure when people walk in that the place is pristine and no evidence of incidents that occurred. >> reporter: terminal 3 is now completely operational but some baggage was left behind during friday's chaos. passengers are encourage to work with their airlines to claim their belongings. ciancia had some baggage of his own. authorities say he was carrying five fully loaded magazines. that's 180 rounds. and more ammunition was found in a bag nearby. police shot ciancia four times. he is recovering in police custody. the fbi says ciancia is receiving medical attention but is unresponsive and they are unable to interview him at this time. they also say that that murder charge could potentially carry the death penalty. reporting live from los angeles, i'm teri okita. >> have authorities talked about security that might have been able to prevent this shooting? >> reporter: yeah. that's a good question. the l.a. airport police chief did speak a little bit about tha
>>> the fbi reveals details of a handwritten detail by the man accused in the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. why investigators say the heavily armed gunman chose to target the busy airport terminal. >>> now as he tries to leave the field, he's going to collapse, go to his knees. >> sideline scare. houston texans' head coach gary kubiak collapses during the sunday night football game, the second nfl head coach to be hospitalized over the weekend. >>> and sky diver survival. a midair collision at 12,000 feet forces jumpers to make a life saving decision. >> wings came off, they were on fire, everybody got out safely. rings came off, everybody got out safely. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm ann marie green. gunman who opened fire at los angeles international airport has told police he acted alone. paul ciancia told police a friend dropped him off in front of terminal three on friday, he was carrying an assault rifle and five 30-round magazines and in his bag hundreds of more rounds. this morning, he's hospitalized, heavily sedated and under armed
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, not three. the abandoned seniors of valley springs manor were discovered on saturday. the f.b.i. and other law enforcement agencies met to discuss possible charges. >>> starting tomorrow, millions of americans will have more trouble getting enough food to eat. brian web shows us. >> i already know what i'm going to eat tonight. >> reporter: brenda white started using food stamps five months ago to help put food on the table. tonight it is a salad and a soda. >> that $23 in cash. >> reporter: for 47 million americans on the food stamp program, a big chunk of benefits disappears tomorrow. for a family for four on the maximum benefits, that's $432 a year gone or $36 a month. >> $36 a month may not sound like much but it's at equivalent of 36 meals off the table. >> reporter: bay area food banks are bracing for the fallout at a time they're stretched thin handing out food to 147,000 people in san fransisco and marin counties every week. >> there's no buffer for people at the low income spectrum. whatever hits them, hits them in the gut. >> my heart goes out to those people. >> reporter: brenda
felt here and for people to people safe. >> reporter: f.b.i. agents confirm ciancia was not a ticketed passenger and believe someone brought him here to the airport but they will not say who dropped him off. >> axelrod: christmas eve at lax for us tonight, thank you. investigators looking for a motive won't appear to get much from the people of paul ciancia's home sown of southern new jersey. although he was raised there, ciancia was very much an unknown. >> reporter: as the town of pennsville, new jersey, continues to ask what allegedly drove paul ciancia to violence, police chief allen cummings had no new answers tonight except what his family is going through. >> you know, they're confuse. they don't know how it happened. they don't know what caused it. >> reporter: all day, his family's neighbors were asking lots of questions. >> it's hard to believe, i guess, you know, coming from a small town like this that somebody could do something like that. >> reporter: trainer johnny crawford works at the local gym. >> nobody knew who he was. he was kind of like this mystery kid from this t
incoming flights. fbi bomb technician and joint terrorism task force investigating but late this evening the tsa issued an all clear. in washington state tonight all the power is expected to be back following a violent storm yesterday. high winds kicked up five foot waves on lake washington temporarily closing the route 520 bridge which could be seen swaying in the gusts. the winds some chrokd at more than 70 miles an hour ripped out trees across the see at em area. 200,000 customers in western washington lost power. >> memories ran in today's new york city marathon. won by kenyan geoffrey mutai and priscah jeptooe, the memories were of last year's superstorm in the new york area and the bombings at the boston race this april. don dahler reports. >> reporter: for all but the very best, running a marathon is more a test of will than athletic ability. 26.2 miles equals 138,435 feet. a marathonner feels every single one. it's a solitary sport. except on days like this with crowds like these. when old rivalries fade before a purpose to keep moving on. the new york marathon wasn't run last ye
presence felt and to make people feel safe. >> the fbi confirms he was not ticketed passenger. they do believe someone brought him here to the airport, but they will not say who dropped him off. cbs news, los angeles. >> he has not been charged with another felony in addition to murder. commission of violence at an international airport. >> students are being warned to keep their smart phones and their laptops under wraps. the reason, campus presence on the rise. with less daylight hours, brian webb tells us how campus police will be stepping up patrols. >> reporter: crime is up this year, way up, and students are talking. >> i have heard that people have gotten mugged on campus more than usual. i see there's been a few cases. >> the student newspaper shows technology is the target. from my phones to laptops and students walking by themselves are often the victims. >> i think from women and especially at nighttime, crime is bad. >> campus police are taking notice starting nighttime patrols in high crime areas. >> once you get a little further out, not even that far, it gets a bad. >> m
the local fbi and police station nearby and one called fbi child id. this is basically a locker on your phone where you store all the information about your child and photos, things you might be too panicked to even remember if your child goes missing in those critical moments and hours after that. people really struggle to find this stuff. you're right. i need pick dhours get to the police or whatever it may be. it does not up load the nefgs anywhere, though. it keeps it on your phone so there's also privacy there. >> it's not all about candy anymore? >> no, it's not. and sa simple tip, get le deshgs flashlights for the kids, not those old lights that have bulbs in them. these are leds that have two or three different settings. one is like a seen mode and be seen mode. these are great because the batteries last, like, forever. i haven't replaced the batteries in this one in years. i use it regularly. >> they're cheap. i picked one up at the dollar store. >> yeah. a good one for ten bucks. this is great because they can leaf it on almost all night, and the batteries won't even begin to
undercover fbi agents in exchange for writing legislation that is favorable to the film industry. so far calderon has not been charged though with any crimes. >>> a man who lived in a now closed assisted care facility has been missing for almost a week. investigators say 65-year-old edmond bascom wandered away from valley springs manor in castro valley on friday. that was a day before paramedics rescued the remaining residents after discovering the home was shut down and operating with a skeleton staff. now we're learning the alameda county fire department was called to the facility four times late last week. >> but because of the way they appeared the fire crew that was there when they went in between thursday and saturday never recognized there were too few people or what the appropriate number was. >> the fbi and other law enforcement agencies are expected to meet today to discuss the investigation. >>> hayward police say they now know who shot and killed a father back in november of 2009. they arrested this man, 24-year- old dereak turner of vallejo on tuesday night. investigators be
quickly. >> the fbi showed up and told us we had to be a quarter mile away. >> the bomb squad checked the plane, the passengers and bags rescreened before the plane could finish its flight to san antonio. >>> 5:03. think we're all on a candy hangover. >> a bit. >> my kids scored a lot last night. >> did they? >> mm-hm. >> i always buy a lot so i have a lot left over and boy i'm going to binge again this weekend! changes coming our way today. probably going to be the warmest day of the week though. but as we get into the weekend, we have a cold front coming our way. more on that know moment. right now out the door we go, chilly temperatures in the north bay in the 30s and 40s. 40s and 50s elsewhere around the bay area. by the afternoon, we are enjoying plenty of sunshine. this going to be the warmest day of the week. average temperatures usually in the 60s and 70s, today well above the average at 77 in livermore, 71 san francisco and about 76 degrees in san jose. cold front coming to town for the weekend. we'll have more on that in just a couple of minutes. >>> happening today, one in
quickly. they said we have a bomb threat and we got off quickly. >> the fbi told us to be a quarter mile away. >> the bomb squad checked the plane, the passengers and bags were rescreened and the flight went on to texas. >>> a santa rosa teenager shot to death by a sheriff's deputy, the family is filing a lawsuit. the lawyer representing the family of andy lopez says the suit will be filed in san francisco today. lopez was killed 10 days ago as he walked in southwest santa rosa. he was carrying a plastic pellet gun that closely resembled an ak-47. >>> the parents of a stillborn baby suing a daly city hospital now for losing the child's body. julio and rina arriaza say seton medical center lost the remains back in october of last year. worker at a santa cruz laundry facility found the baby's body on a conveyor belt heading towards an industrial size the washing machine. >> we can't comment beyond acknowledging the fact that this is pending litigation. but our hearts certainly go out to this family and everyone here is praying for their comfort and consolation. >> the laundry facility wash
gun the boy was carrying was the real thing. the police, the f.b.i., and prosecutors are all investigating but protesters blame the sheriff's department. here's ben tracy. >> reporter: a huge crowd of protesters gathered outside the santa rosa sheriff's department today, outraged over the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. he was shot seven times by a deputy last week who thought he was carrying an ak-47 rifle. it was really a plastic gun that fires plastic pellets. sheriff's deputies tried to show how similar the two guns look. the fake one is on the left. california state senator kevin de leon is considering reintroducing a bill that would require all toy guns and b.b. guns to be translucent or brightly calendar. when he proposed this in 2011, it was strongly opposed by the national rifle association and in toy gun makers. i imagine the people who make these toy guns say the point is for them to look real. >> exactly. >> reporter: and no one wants a gun that's bright pink or bright yellow or bright orange. >> we're talking about children's lives. we're talking about lives cut
! >> reporter: the fbi, san to rosa police, and sonoma police and the attorneys office are conducting investigations into lopez's death. bigad shaban, cbs news. >>> and on friday a concert will be held in honor of michael landberry who was killed last week. a beloved math teacher and former marine has been hailed as a hero. he walked toward a 12-year-old gunman to try to get him to surrender. the boy shot and killed landsberry on the spot. landsberry's wife said she was not surprised that he tried to save others. >> when i first heard this going and i didn't get a text message back from him, i knew, and when it transpired on school grounds, i knew exactly what he did. i knew that he stopped it. i knew he stepped in front. >> he served in afghanistan as a member of the national guard, and his wife said he told her he loved her every day. >>> coming up on the "morning news," taking a walk down penny lane. we'll tell you which beatles' childhood home sold for top dollar. this is the "cbs morning news." beetles apz childhood home sold. to give you energy that lasts. balance bar® dark. ha
agencies including the fbi are now looking into the case involving people abandoned at a castro valley care facility. this comes as we're learning more about what happened at valley springs manor. a cook says state workers were at the facility all last week but left friday afternoon. firefighters also showed up to respond to 911 calls but they were unaware that the facility had been shut down. the cook said he felt the need to stay behind. >> just can't see myself stay with us leaving the residents in there like -- i couldn't. i couldn't -- i couldn't do that. maybe they would have tried to cook for themselves and burned the whole place up. >> authorities say one of the residents is missing. 65-year-old edmond bascomb wanders off. he was last seen at the san leandro bart station friday. >>> another heated exchange on capitol hill today about the failed healthcare website. this time health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was in the hot seat taking full responsibility s. >> although was in charge as it was being built? >> -- was in charge -- >> at that team who is the individu
death. >> reporter: now, moore says he if he finds evidence of a possible crime he will press the f.b.i. to investigate but the georgia chief medical examiner is standing by his finding that the death was accidental, saying there is no evidence the teen was murdered. >> pelley: we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at your side. take the next step. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company to be your partner. go long. [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! they're not usually this thin, this light. ♪ they don't let you touch and draw, not like this. ♪ this is not just a tablet. it has a click in keyboard and microsoft office, ♪ this lets you run your favorite apps next to your favorite apps. ♪ this is the new surface. the one device for everything in your life. traffic t
indicating it was a crime, he'll ask the fbi to conduct an investigation. vinita nair, cbs news. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch," food stamp cutting starts today, and airline lines allowing devices onboard flights. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, anne-marie. asian markets were mixed despite the fact that factories grew during 18 months. tokyo's nikkei lost nearly 1%. hong kong's hang seng added a quarter percent. >>> after posting big gains for october, wall street stocks ended the month slightly slower. the dow jones industrial average lost 73 points on thursday. the nasdaq was off 10 points. >>> starting today, the more than 47 million americans who receive food stamps will have to get by with less help from the federal government. a temporary benefit from the 2009 economic stimulus that increased funding will no longer be available. that means a family of four will receive about $36 less per month. food stamp funding is tied to the wide-ranging farm bill being negotiated in congress. >>> the federal government will be more a
officials revoked the facility's license. the remaining patients were removed last week. the fbi is now discussing possible charges. >>> a united express flight from san francisco to san antonio made an unscheduled stop in phoenix after a threatening note was found on the plane. the passengers were taken off the regional jet at 4:45 yesterday afternoon and bused to the terminal. a bomb squad and police dog searched the plane. a short time later passengers were back on their way. >>> it's a mystery no more. we have uncovered what google is up to off san francisco's treasure island. >> yeah. and a kpix 5 exclusive our ken bastida has confirmed the barge is a private showroom floating on the bay. >>> reporter: a source familiar with the highly secretive project confirms it's been ongoing for more than a year spawned in the so-called google x division of the company, cloaked in secrecy even from most employees, but personally directed by google's cofounder sergey brin. a movable high-tech showroom for google projects and products reserved for only the most high level vips and tech geeks, es
. it is actually been handed over to the santa rosa department to investigate. liz, the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. >> julia, protesters mentioned they want to take their concerns to city leaders. did they do that today? >> reporter: well, that was their goal today, but actually there was a city council meeting scheduled for 1:00 o'clock. it was canceled because of security concerns. employees were tally sent home at noon today -- actually sent home at noon today. in fact, there were a couple council members spotted in the marched to. >> julia, thank you. >>> attempted murder charges filed against the man who shot and wounded six police officers in a violent confrontation in roseville last week. sammie duran, also faces weapons, burglary, false imprisonment charges. duran did not enter plea today. police say he ran from them last friday and barricaded himself in house as they try toad arrest him -- to arrest him on a parol violation. he faces life in prison under california's three strikes law. >>> the woman charged in the dui crash that killed a menlo park couple is due in court
time to document the scene. he took these photos, which he gave to the f.b.i., and has published in a book he has written. after all this time, he told us he's still haunted by a conversation he had with foreign service officer sean smith a week before the attack. >> jones: yeah, he was worried. he wasn't happy with the security. >> logan: and you didn't tell him all your worries? >> jones: no. no, didn't want to... >> logan: why not? >> jones: i didn't want to worry him anymore, you know? he's a nice guy. i sort of promised him he'd be okay. >> logan: you think about that? >> jones: every day, yeah. >> logan: the u.s. pulled out of benghazi and al qaeda has grown in power across libya. when a member of our team went to the u.s. compound earlier this month, he found remnants of the americans' final frantic moments still scattered on the ground. among them: ambassador stevens' official schedule for september 12, 2012, a day he didn't live to see. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actual
bravely, but from your fbi perspective, how can they deal with something like this? >> you know, you're right. they acted heroically. there's little you can do. we live in a complex society with all kinds of vulnerabilities. there are lots of people out there with lots of different grudges and unfortunately the availability of weapons is another issue that's just a reality in our society and these things are going to happen from time to time and there's very little you can do. this is the worst scenario. a lone gunman. again, there's a lot more to learn but he may not have tipped his hand before acting on an impulse. whatever you do, there's a limit to your ability to stop these kinds of things. >> from the fbi's perspective, what's the most difficult part of dealing with a situation like this? >> obviously it's prevention. the law enforcement, fbi, the law enforcement does the best they can to gather intelligence about the activity who may be getting ready to engage in the activity. there's a limit to your ability to collect intelligence and certainly once agai
federal affidavit. calderon is accused of accepting the money from undercover fbi agents in exchange for writing legislation favorable to the film industry. so far, calderon has not been charged with any crime. >>> a big night for meteorologist lawrence karnow because there's a lot of kids that want candy. >> it is! i mean, this is a really important forecast for today! i think it's going to work out great, too. high pressure now just kind of settling in over the bay area. a chilly start out the door this morning. but mostly clear skies overlooking sfo right now. looks like it's going to stay that way all day long. down to the 30s in napa. 51 in san francisco. this afternoon, enjoying sunshine and warmer temperatures today up in the 70s in much of the south bay. maybe some mid-70s into the east bay. and then as you get inside the bay you will see about 69 in oakland, 64 in san francisco and 69 degrees and a very nice evening for the trick or treaters. let's check the "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> -- let's check the roads now with your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, la
and the fbi will be collecting evidence inside terminal 3 at l.a.x. they will need to document everything there how the gunman opened fire, where he went, hundreds of travelers scrambled to get out of the line of fire. one tsa worker confirmed dead tonight. others are injured. they were wounded. stay right here for more with the latest on the investigation coming up at 6:30. >>> all week we have been trying to get to the bottom of google's secret project in the middle of the bay. kpix 5's allen martin joins us now. today you were able to get to the state's top leaders. >> reporter: they didn't have much to say. we are looking for someone who knows what's going on and willing to talk about it. in the meantime, we know the barge is under the direction of the so-called google x division of the company. it hasn't moved. there's no construction happening. yet what's growing is the umbrella of government leaders who don't know or say they don't know what's going on at treasure island. today, we asked the governor. >> there's so many things i want to know but you can add that to the list. do you
opened fire in terminal three, he was carried a handwritten note, fbi special agent david bowdag. e. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> he was dropped off at the airport and then shot gerardo hernandez point blank. he is the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. even as he sprayed bullets from his assault bullet rifle throughout the, few were injured, airport police chief -- >> we were so lucky. >> in all honesty this could have been much, much worse. >> in his hometown of pen field, new jersey many are asking why. but so far there are no answers. >> josh pagan was a former neighbor. >> he was a friendly guy and there had to be something horrific to go on for him to do something like that. >> he is charged with murder ago federal officer while on duty and could face the death penalty, and authorities are saying little about the person who dropped him off at lax. as for those thousands of passengers stranded by friday's shooting, they are finally on their way. for sunday morning, this is carter evans in los angel
of the five 9/11 defendants stopped, the fbi sent in a so-called "clean team" to question them all over again, but without coercion. and those statements are admissible. >> bormann: it's like alice going down the rabbit hole, right? you torture him for three years. you keep him in captivity after you stop torturing him in a place like guantanamo bay. and then, you send in agents from the same government that tortured him for three years to take statements. and then, if you're general martins, you say, "well, those are now clean." guess what. they're not. >> martins: i understand, i understand the argument. the people do not forfeit their chance for accountability because someone may have crossed a line or have coerced or subjected to harsh measures somebody who is in custody. >> stahl: so you're saying that it's unfair to the justice system not to be able to question these guys later. >> martins: the point that i reject and that the law rejects is that there can be no voluntary statements following an instance of coercion. justice requires that you look deeper, that you determine if the state
and that has online >>> the biggest immigration find in american history. >> fbi insider john miller is here with us. >> norah and charlie, this is a story we brought a year and a half ago. a whistle-blower told us how a major tech company brought in workers to this company. why it may be a slap on the wrist. >>> superstorm sandy's smallest survivors. newborns carried nine stories after a hospital lost power. our dr. jon lapook is there. >>> plus is google trying to make a splash. the mystery barge some believe it signals an announcement from silicon valley. the news is back here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. are you ready grandma? just a second, sweetie. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ ♪ ready or not. [ female announce
. >>> the fbi reveals details of a handwritten detail by the man accused in the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. why investigators say the heavily armed gunman chose to target the busy airport terminal. >>> now as he tries to leave the field, he's going to collapse, go to his knees. >> sideline scare. houston texans' head coach gary kubiak collapses during the sunday night football game, the second nfl head coach to be hospitalized over the weekend. >>> and sky diver survival. a midair collision at 12,000 feet forces jumpers to make a life saving decision. >> wings came off, they were on fire, everybody got out safely. rings came off, everybody got out safely.
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